• The RESILIENT PRESCHOOL Toolkit will include useful information and practical applications for Preschool Teachers in order to teach children how to strengthen their psychological resilience and improve their overall wellbeing. The Toolkit will be based on their needs and will offer a variation of Positive Psychology concepts and PERMA wellbeing model, especially tailored for preschool children. It will consist of a chapter for each of PERMA’s 5 core pillars of wellbeing and happiness: (P)Positive Emotions, (E)Engagement, (R)Relationships, (M) Meaning, (A) Accomplishment.

    This toolkit will contain:

    • Practical tips
    • Summaries of key concepts
    • Teaching guides and support
    • Material addressing the wellbeing and resilience in Education
    IO1.A2.3 Toolkit
  • An attractive Training Package that will equip the participating pre-school teachers with skills, strategies and techniques that derive from

    PERMA evidenced based wellbeing Model and Character Education theories in order to improve their student’s overall wellbeing and school experience.

    The Training Package will be divided in 5 core modules:

    1. Resilience and mindfulness (self-regulation, mental agility)
    2. Character strengths and values
    3. Positive emotions (e.g., gratitude, optimism)
    4. Positive relationships (e.g., kindness, empathy)
    5. Achievement & Self-Esteem

    It will include 50 easy-to-do and adapted to preschool settings exercises/resources aiming to enhance the aforementioned characteristics to children. It will offer a variety of strategies and resources, which might be helpful to different people with diverse needs.

    Teacher’s Guide: Activities Curriculum
  • This output will be comprised of the development of the e- learning space. The e-learning space will serve as a one-stop- shop providing instant access to the full suite of a gamified digital learning resources, such as to online modules, Toolkit, training material, podcasts, and other OERs that will be identified as useful in the preparation phase during the development of Output 1 and Output 2.

    Blended learning modules and OER will be developed which will support among others the delivery of the training material and the Toolkit and the material workshops for preschool teachers, and other relevant stakeholders. The courses and the workshops during the implementation phase will be offered in the form of blended learning. Parts of the resources will be developed in an e-learning and blended format so that they can be implemented in partner countries and the EU.

    Innovation-It will be fully web 2.0 compliant and will include all the standard and expected social media features that are now an essential part of online learning (such as linked to relevant social media pages). The format of the gamified digital learning resources will support the learning on the go which represents a significant innovation in the field of School Education.

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[Project Number: 2020-1-CY01-KA201-066080]
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